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STAY away from this store. They have a long list of complaints (119)  against them with the Los Angeles BBB.  The suit my husband purchased did not have a label to indicate its size.  So what size was it?  We have no idea.  Because there was no label!

The suit was huge - not the size we ordered.  Also, pay attention to their Web site.  They indicate on their Web site 100% satisfaction.  They state, "If somehow we mistakenly misrepresented the item we will reimburse the full amount paid plus return shipping cost."  This is a lie.

 They do not reimburse return shipping cost if they misrepresent an item.  When I called to let them know that they did not refund my entire return shipping costs, their staff was extremely rude to me. They hung up on me several times, forcing me to call again and again,  I was put on hold and no one ever got back on the line.  They told me to speak to someone in accounting.

come to learn - from their own employee roster - that person doesn't exist.  One of their staff - the person impersonating the accountant, threatened to reverse my credit!  They advertise adjustable waist paints.  Their definition of adjustable waist pants is "you take it to the tailor and they adjust the waist".

 Most importantly, do a street shot of their store.  Take the positive reviews with a grain of salt.  I have been told that they write their  own positive reviews.  Probably because of all the complaints with the BBB.

 Lastly, they did not provide an invoice with my order.

 That's very odd. I'm off to file a complaint with the LA BBB.

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