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Placed an order and they came back stating they were out of stock and to try to pick 2 other choices. Chose one and told them I needed it by a certain date. They state 3 day shipping, but then didn't ship it right away so I was going to get it in time. Contacted...
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MensUsa is a scam: I tried buying suits from their site. in the beginning they were very pleasant and called immediately after my online sale. The suit I received was completely different than what i ordered. I ordered a blue 3 button vested suit. I received a black...
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I ordered a new $250 dollar super 150 wool and cashmire tux, they send a super 120 polyester piece of junk that's sold for 70-100 everywhere else on the web. I got yelled at by the *** manager too, he even asked me how I expected to get a wool and cashmire tux for...
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sista ***ed off

BEWARE TOTAL SCAM liars won\'t Return your calls when they know you\'re complaining rude as *** sends you the wrong suit and won\'t exchange them

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