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PLEASE DO NOT SHOP OR GO ANY WHERE NEAR MEN'S USA. I had the worst experience with mensusa.

I ordered my first suit and was very excited to get it. 2 days later I receive a email stating that they do not have the suit so pick from 2 sku's so I did. I picked a light tan slim fit suit and when I got it I received a sand suit that was huge and couldn't be a slim fit suit. So I called they told me to follow the exchange instruction but you have to pay for the shipping.

So 15 dollars later I pick out another 2 sku's like they ask and they sent me another suit. 7 days later I get the suit and again wrong everything. There was no way it was a slim fit suit. It had a vest and the fabric was extremely tacky.

So this time I call and ask to speak to a manager. Aisha gets on the phone and says that's its my fault I picked out that suit. Oh forgot to tell you that I couldn't tell what size it was because the tags were ripped out. So after talking to her for about ten minutes and just feeling completely disgusted I asked to speak to the general manager.

He's not there try back in the morning. So for the next 5 days I try but no luck. This morning I finally reach Tom I tell him the situation and tell him the god awful customer service he has working there. You know what he says!

He says what do you expected for a 139 suit. Then I got pissed and he's fighting with me and tells me he's the owner and I'm whining now. I can't believe people shop there. They made this whole experience awful.

They treat people like there a lower class for buying a 139 suit and you should expect *** when you get it. This isn't over yet I will call the BBB and complain to whoever will listen. I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED THAT WAY IN MY LIFE. Aisha is the so called manager, and Tom is the so called owner.

PLEASE I AM TELLING YOU DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE THEY WILL TREAT YOU LIKE A LOWER CLASS CITIZEN BECAUSE THERE 139 suit says high quality but when you get it its garbage and then they treat you like *** when you bought that fine quality 139 suit from there site. THIS IS THE LAST THING TOM THE OWNER SAID WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A 139 SUIT FROM HIS OWN SITE THAT SPEAKS ALOT FOR WHAT HE IS SELLING.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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Monroe, North Carolina, United States #946697

This is exactly what happened to me!

They remove tags for size and just ship you whatever size they have.

BBB gives them an "F"

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