Order suit 8 weeks ago. Suit came but wrong color.

Company DID refund my money. Their policy said that YOU pay for return shipping, UNLESS it was their mistake. I pointed out that it was their mistake by sending me the wrong color, so THEY should pay the $16.90 shipping that it cost me to return it. They agreed (on the phone), stating that they would send me a check.

A few weeks later (no check yet) I called. They said that such checks are cut at the beginning of each month (after the last months business activities), so wait til early nest month. I waited. two weeks into next month - no check.

I called again. The guy said he would make this known to their billing dept and that I will get the check. It is now two weeks later (end of month) and no check. In fact, I've tried calling them a few times these past two weeks.

My call gets put into an endless cycle of "please press #__ for customer service." However, every number I push sends me to another automated voice telling me another number to push for customer service - or puts me into dead air time. I've been on dead air time for 30 plus minutes now, as I'm writing this. I think they have no intention of cutting me a check, and have somehow tagged my number, so it goes into this endless cycle of no answers. Perhaps I am stating a false conspiracy theory, but it sure seems like I've been tagged as a "don't answer this guy" type of call.

At least I got my original refund for the suit I sent back. I just don't appreciate the "ducking" game they are playing with me.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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