Hopkins, Michigan

Men's USA is a ripoff company.

I purchased a size 42-R suit from this company for $149 plus shipping. When it came, the trousers fit fine, but the 42-R jacket was way big, at least two sizes, probably a 44-R minimum. I called, and was told "No problem, send it back". Like a fool, I sent it back. I should have saved the return shipping costs and just thrown it in the trash.

They refuse to refund anything.They are willing to send another suit (no guarantee that it will fit), and suggested that I just have a tailor re-size the suit.

My latest correspondence with them revealed that they never refund anything. They were perfectly willing to accept the return, (tracking I.D. # 1zRA10070301266479) they just will not give an credit for it.

English must not be their first language either. Telephone calls are useless, as they have difficulty understanding things as simple as zip codes. Emails rarely if ever receive a response.

If you are looking for men's suit, avoid this company like the plague.

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